Features & Benefits

  • Ease of access for authorised personnel combined with locked doors to keep out intruders

  • Keep out intruders

  • Cost effective easy to
    manage systems

  • Protection of staff and assets

  • Fail safe systems in any emergency

  • Software control with local/remote multiple user access across platforms

  • Detailed management
    reporting system

  • Full servicing and maintenance by expert field staff
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Access Control Systems are designed to be user friendly, whilst protecting both valued staff and equipment from unwanted intrusion. Todays access control can allow staff the freedom to come and go as they please in permitted areas, yet control areas that you consider off limits to other than specified staff. They leave no one feeling hemmed in, or unduly watched over. Dedicated or existing proximity SMART card, proximity fob and, or PIN code/Biometric technology can now take care of and control access to your offices or working environment.

In the initial stages of designing a custom made system we give total consideration to the overall level of protection required to ensure that you will have an access control system that protects your staff, your property and assets, yet is effective and easy
to manage.

We will only design you a system that will be highly effective at keeping out unauthorised persons yet will provide rapid exit facilities in the event of an emergency. Our in depth knowledge of fire precautions guarantees that all our systems are designed with your total safety in mind.

The latest software controlled access systems provide efficient control of up to 100,000 users from one central point at the same time as providing a wealth of management information with network integration. Access Control Systems also have the ability to integrate with other system such as Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Logical Access, Cashless catering/vending, office equipment and pretty much anything running a database. They can even control Workstation access across your network.

Our custom designed systems can offer complete access control and are very effective management tools providing clear management reports, different levels of access for managers and other staff, simple administration and greatly improved safety procedures. From a single entrance door to over 2000 doors across 400 locations.