Features & Benefits

  • High resolution information and evidence gathering techniques

  • An increased security profile for
    your company

  • Savings on guarding costs

  • Multi-functional systems with local/remote multiple user access across platforms

  • Reliability and cost effectiveness

  • Full service and maintenance by expert field staff
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CCTV plays a vital part in the security management of most commercial buildings today. Systems can gather around the clock information on all activity in their sight and can save on guarding costs as well as provided vital evidence that could help to make a prosecution successful. National events bear this out on a regular basis. With continued evolution and cost savings the latest high resolution and network IP CCTV equipment is now well within the reach of most
small companies.

Even multi-camera, multi-functional systems are now easy to operate by your own personnel with a minimum of training. A high resolution visual record of any incident can be kept and evaluated later to gain maximum information should it be required either as evidence or for future appraisals of security.

Police hold registers of all CCTV systems installed locally and are keen to liaise with companies who have them installed.

CCTV images can be viewed or monitored remotely, either by professional Central Monitoring Stations, or via secure web browser/App.

CCTV cameras provide an excellent deterrent effect and with the normally recommended one month footage archive, can provide vital evidence often leading to a successful prosecution.

Our staff are fully trained to design either single camera, or full telemetry based multi - camera systems, whether analogue or network IP, to provide you with a fully integrated approach to total building security.