Company profile

Security by Design was set up in in 1979 to service the increased demand for better security systems for business.

Our philosophy then, and still is, to provide individually designed security systems utilising the latest and proven technology to fulfil the continually increased need to protect buildings, personnel, computers and the confidential data stored within.

Our new offices at the Royal Arsenal, London enable us to continue to expand our commitment and keep ahead of the latest technology. Each enquiry is treated as unique and each solution is designed to give the very best and most cost effective answer. Because all our staff are highly trained and respected in the industry, and they can quickly evaluate your needs, our response times are kept
to a minimum.

Offering a wide range of security solutions we endeavour to provide complete solutions, from concept through installation to after sales service, system takeover and maintenance. Our field staff are fully trained and equally committed to the Security by Design philosophy. Our Client base consists of both large and small companies, plus individuals, and you can be sure that your enquiry will not only be given priority, but will be expertly administered at all stages. Your security
is our business

Security by Design recent contracts for our wide range of services continue to come from Clients such as:

  • Government Agencies
  • Members of Foreign Royalty
    and Embassies
  • VIP's and Politicians
  • Rail Companies
  • Property and Estate Managers
  • Local Authorities
  • Banks and Financial Institutions

As well as many large and small
commercial companies.


All equipment we install is to the highest standards of manufacture and totally complies with all relevant British and European Standards. It is always installed in accordance with all statutory regulations and codes of practice. We have ISO 9001 accreditation with Safe Contractor status and the first NVQ certificates for the surveying, design and installation of security systems in the UK.

Our Expertise

  • Access Control Systems

  • Closed Circuit Television Systems

  • Information Protection Services

  • Computer Protection and Asset Theft Prevention

  • Burglary Prevention

  • Door Entry Systems

  • Cash and Fire Protection Products

  • Quality Assured Installations to ISO 9001 Standard

  • Fully Trained Staff to
    National Standards
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