& asset theft

Features & Benefits

  • Protection of easily portable high value equipment

  • Precaution to satisfy
    insurance companies

  • Protection for both equipment
    and information

  • Custom designed fully
    integrated systems

  • Discreet tagging devices

  • Positive identification of culprits

  • Full service and maintenance by expert field staff
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As valuable electronic office equipment, computers and peripheral become ever smaller so the easier they are becoming to smuggle out of the office by dishonest staff. Theft of this type is rapidly increasing and millions of pounds worth of this vital equipment goes missing each year. Insurance companies can refuse to honour claims where reasonable precautions have not been taken to prevent the theft of equipment. Vital computer files and information can not be easily insured at all, but may be worth many times more than the equipment.

We have fully researched the best technology available to counteract this type of theft, and have designed integrated systems which incorporate specialist tagging technology, covert and, or overt CCTV surveillance and alarm/detection systems.

Virtually any item of equipment, assets or piece of information, electronic or otherwise can be discreetly tagged and tracked as it moves around a building. Any attempt to remove it from the premises can be immediately detected, and the culprit positively identified and apprehended. Additional logical proximity SMART card technology can also be used to control logical access to computer workstations across your network.

Often the petty theft of consumables from offices is considered by some to be a perk, but as the temptation to remove much more valuable and equally portable items increases, so the need to effectively deal with the problem has become of paramount importance.