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Features & Benefits

  • Protection of your most vital information and secrets

  • Protection of those assets that your insurance policy cannot

  • Use of the most sophisticated equipment to detect devices that are now freely available

  • Security screened personnel assures discretion and confidentiality

  • Full confidential reports
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Tangible assets such as plant, equipment and stock are not the only things that are worth protecting. Loss to competitors of valuable research data, marketing plans and strategies could prove far more damaging to your business than any theft of actual goods. Especially when you consider that the only assets that you cannot insure are these very plans, strategies and data. No insurance policy can cover consequential loss through leakage of information.

Many vital discussions are held over the telephone, or face to face in offices and boardrooms, and sophisticated listening devices that can penetrate the security of any building, or telephone system are readily available in High Street stores. Your secrets can be stolen and you will not even know that they are gone.

We can combat this threat to your business with comprehensive, regular inspections using equally sophisticated electronic counter measures equipment inspecting all sensitive areas of your company. Eavesdropping devices can be detected even if they are not actually operating at the time, and once found can be removed, neutralised or left as a source of deliberate misinformation. The important advantage for you is the knowledge that they have been there and that someone, somewhere wants to learn your secrets.

This highly sensitive service is operated only on a need to know basis, both internally and when divulging information to Client sources. Only one senior manager and full security screened operatives will be involved in completing the inspection and producing the fully confidential subsequent report.