We are constantly striving to improve standards in customer service, and as such, we operate all aspects of our company in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001. Whilst improving our own internal procedures at all levels, we believe that our quality management programme brings many positive advantages for our Clients.

The ability to internally audit our performance in all areas allows us to constantly monitor and improve the service which we offer, in terms of system design, engineering and maintenance support. In addition to internal controls, our quality systems and procedures are verified annually by an independent external inspectorate to ensure that high standards are being maintained.

We see our on-going investment in all personnel as a vital part, both of quality management, and our commitment to a high level of customer service, and some of our recent achievements are detailed below. However well managed our internal procedures may be, the quality of work done on behalf of our Clients will always be determined by the quality and competence of our engineering and operational personnel, and continued investment to keep them fully trained in all areas will always be central to Security by Design's philosophy.

For some years now, Security by Design has been regularly inspected and approved by the security systems and Alarms Inspection Board [SSAIB], which is now the largest security inspection body in the United Kingdom. With in-depth technical inspections of all aspects of our work being carried out every six months, this also ensures that engineering standards are maintained at the highest level. CCTV, access control and intruder alarms installations are all randomly inspected for safety and compliance with the relevant British/European Standards. This, along with another independent verification of our internal quality procedures, makes up an inspection which looks in detail at over one hundred specific areas of our operations, and we are extremely proud of our 100% pass-rate record at these twice yearly inspections.
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